The state of Maine

The title says it all:  Goose Rocks Beachfront Owners Sue Town (and try to screw the rest of us)

An exclusive resort rises in the Maine woods.  Pass the brie:   Hidden Pond, Hidden Value

Kennebunkport grows. We long to become a suburb:  The State of Kennebunkport

Maine’s budget is out of control. The government’s solution? Screw up the schools:  School Consolidation Flunks

The Pony Express of the Electoral Process:  The Caucus:  Maine Democracy Moves Slowly

Development comes to my neighborhood and I’m all for it:  This is progress.  Bring in the cameras.  


One Response to “The state of Maine”

  1. Booger April 10, 2008 at 8:54 pm #


    I’d love to read your perspective on the State Rep (Babbidge) from Kennebunk’s initiative which implies folks from wealthier towns (we live in one, thus we’re wealthy) should pay more to educate a student than others.


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