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John McCain’s House Party

22 Aug

Do you know how many homes you own?  If you do, you are more aware of your surroundings than Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.  When asked by Politico.com how many houses he owned, McCain replied:

 “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you.  It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

According to Politico, the correct number was “at least four” that they apparently sometimes reside in, although further investigation found that the McCain’s own up to eight when including investment properties.  It’s easy to see why the old guy got confused.  Apparently Senator and Mrs.  Blutarsky  McCain acquire houses and condos the way other people collect hummels, baseball cards, or cigar store Indians.  

This does explain much of McCain’s Mad Magazine economic policy:  “What, me worry?”  When you can buy property at will with your wife’s Budweiser money, there’s no need to lose sleep over a recessing economy or mortgage crisis.  Even in the worst of times, people still need to drink beer.  Although Cindy McCain is no Theresa Heinz Kerry (These politicians might want to keep a list of The Hangover’s Songs for your Rich Girlfriend or Wife handy), for John McCain to portray himself as a man of the people is to promote a great falsehood.  But hey, that’s politics, and it has been proven time and time again that the American people will believe anything if they hear it often enough.

It’s time for Americans to show John McCain some compassion and understanding.  If the White House were added to his list of properties, it would probably only further confuse the man.   Give John McCain the break he deserves and vote for Obama.


Paris Hilton–Political Savant

7 Aug

Thanks to John McCain’s attack ad comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, the 2008 Presidential Campaign has already reached Mt. McKinley-like heights of ridiculousness.  McCain’s ad is meant to demean Obama by calling him the “the biggest celebrity in the world” while clips of Hilton and Spears flash in the background.  This ad is a gaffe on several levels, not the least being the advent of Hilton’s own response spot, in which she unveils an energy policy that makes more sense than the one espoused by the senior moment-prone Senator from Arizona.

The first question that comes to mind is why Obama’s popularity would be considered a problem.  He’s young, charismatic, a great speaker, and a vast number of people view him as an image of hope for a better America and world.  There’s no love child scandal, sex tape, night club binge drinking, or “not wearing underwear snapshots” to fuel his fame.  It’s the man’s message and delivery that bring the crowds. 

Hilton’s response to McCain’s ad, on the other hand, is brilliant, not to mention titillating and erudite.  It can be seen in this report from Countdown:

The clear winner in this escapade is Hilton.  In a stunning leopard print one-piece, she puts forth an energy policy that makes sense.  She speaks well.  Thanks to “The Simple Life,” she has developed an understanding of the common folk.  Paris deals with the press effectively, and negative publicity doesn’t bother her.  In fact, she counters it with ease, as her response spot shows.  Hilton also has some charisma of her own.  If you don’t think she’d have North Korean leader Kim Jong II eating out of her hand and dismantling his nuclear program in five minutes, you’re crazy.

It’s too bad that Miss Hilton isn’t 35 and eligible to run for Vice-President.  An Obama-Hilton ticket would surely author a landslide over McCain and his VP-to-be (Bee Arthur?  Mitt Romney?).  Not even The Hangover’s endorsement could derail that winner.

John Edwards Sex Scandal Good News

24 Jul

It was bad enough when The Hangover’s endorsement of John Edwards scuttled his 2008 presidential bid.  Now the National Enquirer is reporting that the former Senator is involved in a sex scandal.  As always, the Hangover is ready to examine the facts.  

The first step is to consider the source.  Exactly when did the National Enquirer become a reputable member of the media?  Perhaps it was when their correspondents started appearing on the Howard Stern show.  It could have been when the NE got its own TV show, Uncovered, in 1999, only to see it get cancelled in 2001.  However, The Hangover has determined the NE became credible when actual newspapers actually started citing the tabloid as a source in their own pathetic attempts to cover Lindsay Lohan’s binge drinking–the single most important and compelling news story of the current century. 

The Facts:  The Enquirer reported that at 9:45 on July 21st Edwards appeared at the Beverly Hilton.  Hmmm.  NE Reporter Alan Butterfield deduced that “he (Edwards) wasn’t carrying anything.”  Suspicious, indeed.  The Enquirer gang then hounded Edwards like a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Jacques Clouseau, and Deputy Dawg.  They reported that when cornered, Edwards looked like a “deer in caught in headlights!”  Not only can the NE reporters investigate, they are brilliant and original writers, too.  How could one not believe them?

And so what if Edwards was having an affair?  He is simply following in the footsteps of all the great Democractic political thinkers of the modern era:  John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Gary Hart, and William J. Clinton.  (Additionally, the incident differentiates Edwards from those Republicans caught in sex scandals, which generally operate under same-sex scenarios; not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  Mr. Obama, The Hangover urges you to heed this fine Democratic lineage and give Mr. Edwards a position in your cabinet.  Make the man your Attorney General. 

The Enquirer’s reporting of the scandal means that the Republicans view him as a threat.  In an Obama administration, Edwards could potentially be the first AG since Robert Kennedy to actually care about working class and poor Americans.  Maybe then the 95% of us who aren’t enjoying George W. Bush’s tax cuts could stop getting screwed.  How ironic.

Enron Strikes Again: The Loophole Chronicles

8 Jul

If you haven’t heard of the Enron Loophole, you’ve at least felt it–in your wallet, while pumping gas or paying your oil bill.   Described in its simplest terms, it’s legislation passed in December of 2000 ( Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000) which deregulated electronic trading of energy futures. Why is this important?  It’s the speculation and future trading of energy that is driving US gas prices toward $5.00 a gallon.   Why is it called the Enron Loophole?  Embedded Enron officials (there is no other way to describe them) in the government pushed through the legislation, strengthened it, benefited from it, and now protect it.

To gain a greater understanding of the Loophole, its creation, and the resulting it’s-the-people-who-always-get-screwed fallout, please watch the following video from Keith Olbermann’s Countdown (If you are a conservative and just reading “Olbermann” sends you into a heaving boil, please suck it up and take deep breaths for the duration.  The bet here is you’ll be glad you saw it.) 

The Hangover has been extremely critical of Republican policies and somewhat critical of the Democrats.  But there is plenty of blame to be dished out for both parties in this instance.  The seeds of deregulation were planted in the waning days of the Clinton administration.  Deregulation was commissioned and intensified in the blatantly corrupt Bush administration.  But as the Countdown report reveals, Congress was fully aware of the effect that the Enron Loophole had on gas and oil prices:  Big oil and Enron cronies make money; the rest of us get screwed.  And for the most part, Congress sits on its collective ass.  As The Hangover has asked before:  Where’s the outrage?   

This scheme has continued and thrived for eight years now.  As Olbermann reports, gas prices have more than doubled, as have heating oil costs.  It’s interesting (not to mention ‘hideous’)  to note that there are  Democrats (aren’t they the ones who are supposed to look out for us regular folk?) in both the Senate and House of Representatives.  However, it cannot be substantiated that more than a few them (Go Dennis Kucinich!) have integrity, conviction, or backbones.  

Although many experts believe an end to this unregulated speculation would drop gas prices to near $2.00 a gallon, Congress has been slow to act.   It is only recently that legislators tried to increase regulation and eliminate the loophole that has its heel on our gas-buying throats.  There was an amendment placed in the Farm Act (HR 2419) that increased energy commodity trading transparency but did not eliminate the loophole.  Companion 2007 “Close the Enron Loophole” bills languish in Senate and House committees.  Tom Allen (D) of Maine and Bart Stupak (D) of Michigan will be introducing the PUMP Act (Prevent Unfair Manipulation of Prices) later this month.  Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine will be co-sponsoring a companion bill in the Senate.    

But why has it taken so long for our elected representatives to act?  If eliminating the loophole will instantly ease the energy burden on Americans, legislation doing so should have been pushed through Congress with focus and ferocity.  It’s not hyperbole or out-of-the-box thinking to suggest that most Americans would greatly benefit from lower gas and energy costs.

Apparently The Hangover has made another foolish mistake.  It’s not “the people” who run our government.  It’s the corporate lobbyists and policy foundations who dish out the dollars and wield influence in our nation’s capitol.  For the most part, they’re the ones who control legislation, and they’re only looking out for the interests they represent.  If you doubt it, look at the receipt from your last fill-up and consider the following: 

And one more thing:  Former Enron executives hover like buzzards over Washington.  They and their ilk talk to your Senators and Congressmen everyday.  Do you?

Obama Not Rolling Over

13 Jun

Barack Obama’s campaign has launched the site fightthesmears.com to combat the forces (read: the Republican WarCampaign machine) that made “swiftboating” a commonly used verb.   The Primary battle against Hillary, a bloody contest that dragged on like an extended version of “Night of the Living Dead: The Democrat’s Cut,” has taught Obama well.  While he might not be willing to run around the country yelling “Keating Five” and “senile, old bastard,” Obama’s not going to back down.   Gore and Kerry were gentlemanly in their quests, hardly ever showing outrage at Republican tactics, and look where it got them.

Of course, it’s one thing to put factual information out there and it’s another to get people to read it.  The Hangover fears that the citizens inclined to seek out the facts and truths about Obama are the same ones who are likely to vote for him anyway.  There’s also an “anti-intellectual” bent evident in much of the country, as if reading was this great super-cerebral activity.   Why actively seek out information when one can scan the front page of the Enquirer in the checkout line or flip a switch and listen to the bombast of drug addict Rush Limbaugh and his cronies?

Red state voting patterns of 2000 and 2004 indicate there are plenty of voters who prefer a candidate who appears to have never read a book, rather than contenders who have actually written one   (Sorry, but we refuse to give George W. Bush credit for My Pet Goat on 9/11/2001.)  While Gore and Kerrywere obviously more intelligent, they were not better campaigners than G. W. Bush.  Perhaps more forceful, less compliant Presidential bids would have served them (and us) better.

The Hangover takes fightthesmears.com as a good sign.  In schoolyard terms, Obama is not going to be handing over his lunch money to the Republicans this fall.  He doesn’t have to be a bully to win, but he can’t allow himself to be pushed around.  This new site is Obama rolling up his sleeves. 

Baldacci Bash Worth The Money?

25 May

The Hangover was recently extended a kind invitation from the Maine Democratic Party:  A pre-convention celebration with: 






(Their typeface, not mine)
Thank you, MDP for this thrilling opportunity.  What citizen wouldn’t like to discuss the absurd school consolidation plan  proposed by the Governor last year?  Then one might enquire why the Governor based the state budget on the savings generated by it, when the plan actually had little chance of passing.   And of course, there’s the whole tax structure issue, where Mainer’s hit the Triple Crown of Giving:  high property taxes, a 5 to 7 percent  sales tax on just about everything but groceries, and an 8% state income tax (nearly 3% higher than Mass–, er, Taxachusetts).  We would also like to hear the Governor’s views on diminishing non-service industry-based jobs.  And considering that the service sector is doing well, perhaps he could explain why we don’t have any Emperor’s Club VIP franchises yet.  This state, in technical economic terms, is a mess. 
Unfortunately, The Hangover will not be attending the Celebration.  The event costs a prohibitive $250 per person (unless you were one of the first ten people to reply to the email, which allowed you to get in for a late-night infomercial-ish $100.  No, we are not making that up).  So, we’ll let the developers, lawyers, bankers, and businessmen do cocktails and weenies with the holder of Maine’s highest office. 
However, the invitation did the leave The Hangover with one question:  How much to celebrate with a good Governor?