Greetings From Fenway Park: Red Sox Opening Day 2008

9 Apr

The Boston Red Sox celebrated the beginning of the ’08 season and the Series victory of ’07 yesterday in fine fashion.  The Hangover was in attendance.  Our random thoughts are presented below.

  • It was great having Bill Buckner throw out the first pitch.  As reported in the Boston Globe, it meant a lot to him.  Anyone with a clue knows that the ’86 Series defeat was not his fault.  He played his ass off that fall on one healthy ankle.  There’s plenty of blame to go around for ’86, most of which the Hangover heaps on the inept managing of John MacNamara.  If he had brought Oil Can Boyd in to relieve Hurst in game Seven, victory would have been ours.  There’s no way the Can isn’t at his absolute best at that moment.
  • The ring ceremony was well paced and compelling.  The athletes representing the various teams were well chosen; it was great that they weren’t all superstars.  Anytime you can put Bill Russell, Johnny “Pie” McKenzie, Larry Izzo, Curtis Lescanic, and Bobby Orr together, it will be a moment to remember. Of course, you could put Bobby Orr out there with the Timberlane High Chess Team and it would be a moment to remember. 
  • Is there a reason the Sox can’t retire Johnny Pesky’s number 6?  He’s worked for them for 50 years, he was a great player (if not a Hall of Famer), and he’s managed and coached and a large number of Sox players from Boggs to Schilling have thanked Pesky for his contributions.  He deserves more than a minor league field in Fort Myers.  What more does the guy have to do?
  • In honor of a certain history professor at Wichita State in Kansas, The Hangover took part in a Tastycakes promotion where a small donation resulted in a free pack of Krimpets. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
  • The A. Rodriguez-attacking hawk made an appearance early in the game.  It was applauded. 
  • The Red Sox this year are serving beer in the stands to season ticket holders in Field Box seats.  This is a great idea.  For what people are shelling out for those tickets they should be able to get a beer there–just like in EVERY OTHER MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPARK.  But what about the rest of us?  Although The Hangover wasn’t drinking at the game, seeing the beer vendor pass below without even a glance upward drew our ire.  Those in the not-as-expensive-(but surely not cheap)-seats shouldn’t have to waste an inning in the bowels of Fenway standing in line to pay $7.75 for a 16 ounce brew.  Do the Sox fear that those without Platinum cards and pedigrees will act out and become slurring Neanderthals if they are brought beer?  Will there be anarchy in the Grandstands, sponsored by Budweiser?  Will turmoil rumble through the upper boxes like a MIller Lite fueled tidal wave?   Come on, Sox, bring the beer to those who need it most–the poor, the downtrodden, the ones paying good money to sit everywhere else but the field boxes.  (Do you really want to see those grandstand customers in open revolt when it’s 90 degrees and the masses get a look at ice cold Heineken being served to the field seats? They’ll storm those poor beer vendors like the French rabble took the Bastille.)
  • Although The Hangover did not drink at Fenway, TH and associates did do some damage before the game.  Kudos to the bar staff at Eastern Standard who were professional, quick, friendly, and kept us sedated with American beer and Irish whiskey.   Well done.
  • The eighth inning Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline” video was a hoot.  It could have used more Wally and less Tom Werner, however.
  • The eighth inning Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline” video was an annoying promotional tool for his upcoming August concert in Fenway.  It could have used more Wally and less Tom Werner. 
  • Daisuke was in command, the team played some great defense, and there was timely hitting.  The resulting 5-0 shutout of the Tigers was a complement to the sun which made its first appearance in two weeks.   Life as it should be for Sox fans. 

To spare The Hangover a future rant:

  • Will someone please notify Red Sox management that the next time Bill Lee is at Fenway, they should be playing Warren Zevon’s song “Bill Lee” as his music, and not that mediocre Steve Miller goof:  “Space Cowboy.”   Lee has a song written for and about him by one of America’s greatest songwriters.  Use it. 

4 Responses to “Greetings From Fenway Park: Red Sox Opening Day 2008”

  1. george in the sticks April 9, 2008 at 11:59 pm #

    I am delighted, and jealous, to hear of the hangover’s visit to the hallowed halls of Fenway. And if any small way my rearing in the city of Brotherly Love inspired him to eat a krimpet, well I’m pleased for my small role in his gustatory delight. Here in the wheat fields we have to satisfy ourselves with college baseball, but at least the mighty shocks are playing good ball and ranked very high (#8 at last count). Very enjoyable (and easier on the bank account then a visit to Lansdowne/Fenway) but no Taj Mahal. But on the plus side, 16 ounce drafts of beer are 3.75, and there’s usually no line.

  2. Chilly Nate April 10, 2008 at 5:46 am #

    Thanks for the invite.

  3. Chilly Nate April 10, 2008 at 7:05 am #

    Why was THO not drinking beer at Opening Day? That’s like not eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Or like not having cake at your childs birthday party. I’m sure the readers of this blog are anxious to find out.
    BTW, the ’86 WS loss was Bill Buckners fault. Anyone could have fielded that grounder. The late Christopher Reeves, in his wheelchair, could have made that play.
    Sounds like you had fun. We’re happy for you.
    Bobby Orr rocks. Go Bruins.

  4. alguschip April 10, 2008 at 6:05 pm #

    Chilly Nate,
    Careful readers of the blog will realize that TH enjoyed his turkey before the game–and had some cake afterward, too.

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