The Hangover Strikes: Our Miss Brit

18 Jan

If a reader should doubt the veracity of The Hangover, consider this:  In The Rocket Misfires on January 8th, The Hangover predicted the inevitable comeback of one Britney Spears.  And so it begins.  On a tri-page type cover of the February 2008 Esquire, a 2003 in-her-first-prime Britney is sandwiched between a 1966 Angie Dickinson and that 2008 powerhouse of femininity, the Victoria Secret models.  The “Thank you, God” girls and Britney reprise Ms. Dickinson’s original shot, posing in nothing but fetching white sweaters. 

Britney must have one hell of a marketing and PR team.  As anyone who has done the family grocery shopping this week can tell you, Britney also graces the covers of The National Enquirer, People, and Star.  While the tabloids focus on her various mental health issues and poor parenting skills, Esquire sagely honors her as a cultural icon and one of the magazine’s “Women We Love.”  

It is a testament to Britney and her staff that as she is still sliding toward her “celebrity rock bottom” of despair, the comeback is already underway.  You go, girl. 


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