The Hangover Endorses John Edwards

5 Jan

John Edwards has vowed to fight for middle class and working families against corporate greed and the corporate muscle that has a “stranglehold” on our democracy.  It is rhetoric that is his alone in this campaign.  Edwards knows that our democratic republic has been hijacked by a powerful, moneyed elite.  Before you shout ‘conspiracy theory,’ pick up a copy of  “Who Rules America?  Power, Politics, and Social Change” by G. William Domhoff of the University of California Santa Cruz.  (Or at least investigate the author’s website:  If you can brave the sociological language, you’ll find a factual analysis that supports Edwards’ claim.  The problem is that most Americans don’t make it past the sports or living pages of their local newspaper.  Hopefully, they can venture far enough to listen to John Edwards, understand the words, and hear the passion.  He speaks the truth and he is committed.  That’s why The Hangover endorses John Edwards for President in the 2008 Democratic primaries. 

On New Years Day in the Boston Globe, Stephen Gillon, a University of Oklahoma historian, defined Edwards’ brand of populism as emotional, not intellectual.  If one looks intellectually at Edwards position, one should get emotional, as in angry and outraged.  The Center for Responsive Politics (2008) reveals that 1.3 billion dollars were spent by special interests and big business funding elections in the 2006 cycle.  One would have to be extremely naïve to think that that kind of money doesn’t wield power in Washington.  After all, twenty bucks will still get you a good table in most restaurants—except probably the ones in which these sponsors are dining.

Barrack Obama’s desire to produce change is noble, and destined to be thwarted by that 1.3 billion dollars.  He aims for a bipartisan approach to change.  But with Democrats accepting 46% of the money, he’ll struggle to get his own party moving in the right direction, never mind the Republicans.  In the current election, Hillary Clinton has already taken $567,950 from lobbyists and 1.7 million from health care professionals (Obama: lobbyists, $76,859; health professionals, 1.3 million//Edwards lobbyists, $18,900; health professionals, $419,000.  Source:  Center for Responsive Politics).   The likelihood of Clinton effecting change is small, too, as she is unlikely to bite the many hands that feed her. 

Edwards faces two hurdles.  First, people must actually listen to his message.  Somehow, they need to look beyond the end of their driveways and pay attention to how Washington works.  As manufacturing jobs flee the country faster than illegal immigrants come in, one would think that Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Six-pack would have a vested interest in promoting a candidate who thinks from the ground up as opposed to the top down.  And at least a few of the 46 million uninsured citizens of this country should be inclined to support the candidate who gives them the best chance to receive health care.  Edward’s plan takes a multi-faceted, thoughtful approach to the problem.  It shouldn’t take a great deal of analysis for these issues to resonate with voters, but based on recent Presidential elections, apparently it takes more than some people are willing to give.  If only critical thinking skills were a requirement for citizenship. 

Secondly, Edwards will soon face marginalization from the press.  It happened to Jerry Brown in 1992, who despite winning primaries in six states and earning enough delegates to carry on to the national convention, rated barely a mention on the nightly network news.  The establishment does not like populism, as it is a threat to the status quo of doing business.  Here comes the conspiracy theory again, you say.  Not so fast.  The day after finishing second in the Iowa Caucuses (gaining two less delegates than Obama, one less than Clinton), the New York Times stated that Edwards, “remained largely overshadowed by his better-financed and better-organized rivals.”  While he may be overshadowed regarding print columns and air time, and by having a third less money to spend than his two main opponents, he was not overshadowed in the voting booth.  Which is it that counts in this country? 

For Edwards to win, middle class and working people will have to hear the not-the-usual message, give it some thought, and perhaps march in a direction opposite that which the news media will shepherd them.  It is a great challenge for both candidate and citizen.  John Edwards alone cannot give the American people back their government.  They must join his cause and take it.  This will require ordinary citizens to act and a nearly superhuman effort by the candidate.  But John Edwards is ready to fight.  I’m hoping he’s the werewolf Zevon saw drinking Pina Coladas at Trader Vic’s, and that election night is a full moon. 

7 Responses to “The Hangover Endorses John Edwards”

  1. dr4mark at 12:33 pm #

    I agree with your comments on Edwards. He is the only candidate that is serious about the middle class and restoring America back to the people. We have had an Oligarchy for the last 20 years. The people better get behind Edwards or we will be in trouble in the future.Look what Reaganomics and the Bush Dynasty have done. Hillary in the beginning was good but she is now a part of the problem not the solution. A vote for Edwards is a start in the right direction.

  2. Rob O'Regan at 4:56 pm #

    >>While he may be overshadowed regarding print columns and air time, and by having a third less money to spend than his two main opponents, he was not overshadowed in the voting booth. Which is it that counts in this country?<<

    dude, you already know the unfortunate answer to that question…

  3. Ray at 3:33 am #

    George W. Bush is one heck of an easy act to follow. Any of the candidates, Republican or Democrat, would be better than the blundering buffoon who’s there now. If only the economic hangover that Bush has created would vanish along with him. When travel guides start listing Mexican prices in pesos rather than dollars because they’re more stable, you know things are deeply wrong.

    But the danceband on the Titanic will keep on playing the same tired tune until November…

  4. dan healy at 1:01 am #

    Sadly, Edwards looks like Don Quixote…perhaps you can be his Sancho Ponza with a hair (or many in your case) across the ass

  5. Bug at 4:05 am #

    The only thing sadder than the Bush presidency is the individual that still supports him.

  6. Aaron, of course at 10:35 pm #

    Resign yourselves to the reality of a Hillary nomination. ‘The Clinton Machine’ is alive and well and stronger than ever. By riding the politics of lowered expectations, the Clintons (c’mon, we all know they’re a package deal)will appear stronger than they are. It wasn’t too long ago that these primaries were, in actuality, a Clinton Coronation Tour. But then she couldn’t answer a yes or no question about driver’s licenses for criminal aliens in her home(LMAO!)state of NY. She was supposed to win huge in Iowa, but she lost. An amazing feat with the stranglehold the Teacher’s Union has on the Dem primary there. Then, the original prospects of a huge win in NH became dim. She talked about fighting on, even if she came in a distant 2nd, or even 3rd behind your man Eddie. She won by a small margin and it was touted as the greatest comeback in the history of comebacks (and it kinda was, tears and all.) Now, she’ll lose in SC, but the Clintons have already explained it. It’ll be because of the ‘black vote.’ Losing SC will prompt the ‘mainstream’ in the democrat party into voting for her because Barack will have become the ‘Black Candidate’, able to win only w/ the black vote.

    All the while the Clintons have managed to marginalize Edwards. He was her only ‘real’ threat all along, but by artificially propping up Barack, Edwards effectively became the proverbial odd man out. He’s been ignored and left begging for attention, even reminding viewers in the last debate ‘there’s a 3rd candidate runnig for Prez’. Barack stole Edwards’ position as the anti-Hillary, anti-establishment, anti-washington, anti-war, pro-little guy,pro-middle class candidate. After SC Barack will be done, and it’ll be too late for Edwards.


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